Comprehensive Pre-Purchase 4WD Vehicle Inspections

GO 4×4’s experienced Technicians can put your mind at ease by performing a Comprehensive Pre-Purchase or Pre-Trip Inspection. If you are thinking of buying a used 4WD, or planning an extended remote destination trip, then the last thing you need is to be worried about how long or if it any expensive repairs are needed.

Why have a Comprehensive 4WD Vehicle Inspection?
Buying a second hand vehicle can be a daunting process, especially when looking at four wheel drives. With almost twice as many mechanical parts compared to a conventional vehicle, the chance of having mechanical problems is a lot greater. Factors such as normal wear & tear, poor servicing, driver abuse or neglect, or unforseen deterioration of some internal components can all affect the over all life and running costs of the vehicle.

The aims of the comprehensive inspection are:

  • to provide a comprehensive examination of the vehicle
  • to highlight any mechanical repairs that may be required in the future
  • to establish suitability for purchase
  • to expose any current mechanical problems before the end of warranty

What is covered by a GO 4×4 Mechanical Inspection?
A GO 4×4 comprehensive mechanical inspection enables you to gain an objective insight into the mechanical condition of your 4×4. We are in constant contact with 4×4’s of all makes and models and are experienced in all areas of servicing and repairs of 4×4’s. Our independent position enables us to evaluate the condition of each vehicle from an unbiased standpoint.

In conclusion, a 70 Point Full Written Report is provided for you detailing all components checked and their condition. GO 4×4 Technicians will discuss the report with you in detail, recommending any further investigations or repairs that may be required.

Any questions regarding 4×4 Inspections, Service, Maintenance or Repairs or if you’re just after some plain ‘old fashioned’ advice, please call Tom or one of the experienced Team at:

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All GO 4×4 inspections cover and report on the following areas:

  • Road test & performance check

  • Engine & under bonnet

  • Fuel system, injectors & fuel pump

  • Suspension (springs, shockers & bushes)

  • Gearbox & clutch assembly

  • Transfer case & drive shafts

  • Brakes, pads, shoes & disks

  • Air conditioning & heating system

  • Interior & convenience items

  • Belts, hoses, radiator, coolant & water pump

  • Turbo charger condition (if applicable)

  • Wheels, tyres & alignment

  • Differentials (both front & rear)

  • Oil levels & condition

  • Electrical & auxiliary equipment

  • Steering components & damper