LOG Book & Comprehensive 4WD Servicing

Log Book Servicing for 4WD vehicles still under OE Manufacturer’s Warranty can be performed by the Qualified Experienced Team at GO 4×4, while still maintaining the Statutory New Car Warranty.

Car Dealers cannot limit their Statutory New Car Warranty obligations or claim it is not valid only because it was not serviced within the dealer network.

If the vehicle is appropriately serviced, complying with the manufacturers specifications, “by the book”, at a Service Centre business that employs Qualified Technicians, using genuine or equivalent quality parts, then the Statutory Warranty conditions are met.

GO 4×4 meets these conditions by employing Qualified Staff, using branded products that meet stringent standards that are covered by a National Warranty scheme.

The GO 4×4 Service Centre is a well equipped workshop with a wide range of specialised equipment for all aspects of 4WD mechanical repair and service. Importantly, the people that work on your 4WD vehicle are experienced 4WD travellers.

The Major Service is a Comprehensive Preventative Maintenance Service. It is the only service where literally everything is inspected, adjusted that needs adjusting and all the oils and filters changed and fluids flushed. Both hubs and wheel bearings are stripped, cleaned and repacked with grease, new seals and gaskets fitted. All major transmission components are checked for wear, backlash, noise and feel, and all those tell-tale sounds and driving characteristics spell out their story to an experienced 4WD technician.

We get to see many of the reasons why people don’t perform the major service. Firstly, many people are just unaware of the need to do so and this is particularly true for many new owners of 4x4s who religiously service their vehicle in the same pattern as their family sedan. (remember it is twice as many gearboxes and diffs!) Secondly, when a vehicle is to be sold, the final major service never gets done because of the impending sale and the new owner assumes that it was either done by the previous owner or told by the sales person that the vehicle was just serviced. The fact is – it is extremely rare to find a second hand 4×4 for sale that has received a complete major service.

The final reason we see, is that people who rarely go “off road” often assume that their vehicle doesn’t need it anyway or they will get it done before their next big trip – maybe next year!
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Log Book Servicing for vehicles still under OE Manufacturer’s Warranty can be performed by the Qualified Experienced Team at GO 4×4, still maintaining the Statutory Warranty.

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