Our 4WD Turbocharger Kits deliver the ultimate combination of power, economy and low down torque. We have a range of 4×4 Turbo Kits, most common is for the Landcruiser HZJ79, HZJ75, HZJ80 and HZJ105 models. With matching 3” Mandrel Bent Exhaust Kits, Front and Top Mount Intercooler options, these Turbo Kits for the 1HZ engine have excellent Performance & Ultimate Reliability with a 3 Year Warranty.

Landcruiser 1HZ Turbocharger Kits with 3” Exhaust & Intercoolers

The installation of a GO 4×4 Turbocharger Kit will give you a significant increase in power and torque of approximately 40-50%. This will give you the power of a petrol engine and yet still retain all the benefits of long life, reliability and economy of diesel.

The result is a vehicle that can carry or tow heavy loads with ease, provide the acceleration necessary for safe easy highway passing and overcoming the frustration of long hills especially when towing.

In addition, off-road ability improves dramatically by providing a wider stronger torque band which reduces the power gap between gear changes.

The 1HZ Turbo Kit and optional matching 3” Mandrel Bent High Flow Exhaust is renowned for it’s performance & reliability. The Kit comes with absolutely everything: Water-cooled Turbo with rebuildable oil pressure bearing, internal wastegate, mounted on a new Caste Manifold, braided stainless steel oil & water hoses, stainless support straps with rubber liners, all castings, silicon hose, clamps, nuts, bolts & fittings etc.

Performance: Lifts Power around 25-27% to 125kw, and Torque anywhere from 40-55%, to 375nm at 2000rpm, depending on the settings used*. Fuel economy usually improves, 5-15% – depending on conditions.

Compared to a petrol 5.0Li V8 Holden or Ford engine, which produce around 395nm at 3000rpm, the 1HZ turbo produces its torque rating, hence pulling and overtaking power, at 1000rpm less – with diesel reliability and fuel economy. The Torque output is very flat from 2000 to 2600rpm, with only a 2% (8nm) variation across that range.

We offer 3 levels of kit for the 1HZ engine

Stage 1
kit comes with the Turbo Kit and dump pipe only.

Stage 2
kit comes with Stage 1 Kit plus matching 3” Mandrel Bent Performance Exhaust.

Stage 3
kit comes with Stage 2 Kit, plus a Top Mount Air to Air Intercooler Kit. The Intercooler (280 x 300mm) comes complete with bonnet scoop, thermo fan (to be efficient), plus wiring loom, all silicon hoses, clamps etc and simple DIY instructions.

The Landcruiser Turbo Kit is often combined with a Top Mount Air to Air Intercooler Kit (Stage3). If you have a Bull Bar +/or Winch and Lights etc, fitted to the front, you are going to get better airflow from a Top Mount Intercooler Kit. Unlike a Front Mount Intercooler, the Top Mount Intercooler won’t get clogged with mud or seeds – being so high.


  • Up to 35% Power Increase*
  • Up to 50% Torque Increase*
  • Comprehensive Kit – no extras
  • Substantial Increase in Towing Ability
  • 3” Mandrel Bent Performance Exhaust Optional
  • Intercooler Kits Optional
  • Comprehensive DIY Instructions with over 20 images
  • 3 Year Unlimited Km Warranty
  • Experienced Technicians available for fitting, fuel injection pump calibration, waste gate adjustment and exhaust temperature analysis, since 1987
*Dependent on options and settings