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6×6 can legally carry and tow substantially more weight than the comparable 4×4, with a significant increase in traction, mobility and safety. 6×6 Conversions are available for 70 & 200 Series Toyota Landcruiser, Hilux, Y61 Patrol, Ranger, BT50, NP300 and other models.

6×6 Conversion is best suited to applications where off-road mobility with substantial weight, high speed highway point to point travel is required:


  • Country Fire Service
  • Emergency Services inc Ambulance
  • Heavy Payloads
  • Towing Heavy Trailers
  • Exploration Drill Rigs
  • Earthmoving contractor Service Truck
  • Water tanker
  • Heavy Load Support vehicle
  • Pipe or Cable Laying vehicle
  • Station or Farm vehicle
  • Slide-on Camper or built-on Camper Conversion

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Available for Models:

There are a range of GVM and GCM options available, customisable to suit each application – with full Federal ADR approval.

Toyota 70 Series

GVM 4495 to 7500kg

Toyota 200 Series

GVM 4495 to 6080kg

Toyota 100 Series

GVM 4495 to 5650kg

Toyota 80 Series

GVM 4495 to 5500kg

Patrol GU

GVM 4495 to 5200kg

Ford F150

GVM 4495 to 7000kg

Ford F350

GVM 8500kg

Mercedes G-Wagen

GVM 7000kg

Mercedes Sprinter

GVM 4495 to 8000kg

Iveco Daily

GVM 4495 to 8000kg


GVM 4495kg


GVM 4495kg


GVM 4495kg


GVM 4495kg


GVM 4495kg


GVM 4495kg


How it Works:

This design includes a pair of driven axles that are connected by Suspension and Driveline.

The dual axle 6x6 conversion mechanism6×6 Suspension:

The core of the 6×6 design is the pivoting 50:50 load share beam, pivoting centrally from the chassis between the 2 rear wheels, supported by coil springs (or airbags) in each of the 4 corners. Upper ‘A’ arms and ball joint pivot allow movement from front to rear, but also side to side, providing massive articulation, allowing each axle to walk over an obstacle while the others remain on the ground, increasing stability and traction.

  • The coil option has 400mm articulation, air bags allow upto 550mm.
  • The axles are held in position front to rear with 4 control arms.
  • There are no sideways mounting panhard rods, the upper ’A’ arms provide sideways positioning.
  • There are no axle straps limiting axle movement/articulation.

Another benefit of this design is that cornering is enhanced, providing exceptional on-road stability, manoeuvrability and less axle scrub than other systems.

This is achieved by a ‘bogie axle roll steer’.

As you enter into corners, the compression and extension of the coil springs force the front-rear control arms to move – and each moves in an arc, providing a rear wheel steer component.

For example, turning left:

Rearmost axle:
As you enter into the corner, the lean of the vehicle compresses the coil on the RHS, the axle moves slightly rearward as the arm swings upward to horizontal, while the LHS moves slightly forward as the control arm pivots downward, as the LHS coil expands.

The opposite is happening with the forward axle, the RHS wheel moves forward, the LHS moves rearward.

The net result being the 2 axles are assisting in steer, rather than opposing each other as in other 6×6 or lazy axle systems. This increases loaded and unloaded stability immensely.

Ride Quality:
The suspension design provides great all-road ride quality with even more supple absorption of bumps as the load increases. However, ride quality is high, even with as little as 10% of the GVM.

Ride Height:
The suspension will drop 65mm to be level front to rear at GVM.


6×6 Driveline:

There is only one tail-shaft from the transfer case driving the rear axles. (no vibrating second shaft from a transfer case PTO).

The shaft drives the first differential, through a patented combination ‘drive-through differential and power divider’, which is coupled to a jack shaft providing power to the rearmost differential.

The forward differential is a custom build, using Ford 9.5” or 10” high quality gear sets, with 35mm splined pinion flange and 31 spline axle flanges, mounted into a custom manufactured housing. This differential also uses an ARB Air Locker.

The rearmost differential is the original in a custom housing.

Both axles are ‘in-track’ with the front.


There is minimal extra maintenance required with general use. The most important item is to replace the drive-through differential oil as often as the engine oil. Otherwise maintenance will be commensurate with use of the vehicle.


The end result is a highway friendly high capacity vehicle with outstanding off-road capability while carrying substantial loads, comfortable on all road surfaces at all loads, with minimal extra maintenance and fuel consumption, fully compliant at all GVM/GCM combinations. Contact GO4x4 for your specific application.

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